Certified Organic Prefolds

Certified Organic Prefolds

100% GOTS Certified Organic Prefolds

We pick up your dirty diapers and drop off clean diapers to your doorstep every week. Easy! Or, drop-off + pick-up at our shop once a week for a $5 discount.

Bundle & Bundle Baby is one of only a handful of services in the country to offer 100% GOTS certified organic cotton prefolds! Why do we care so much? Because organic cotton requires less water than conventional cotton to grow (yay for water conservation!), and conventional cotton is one of the heavy-weights in terms of pesticide use (yay for soil + health conservation!).



By using cloth diapers, you are making a conscious choice to save our landfills from unnecessary waste.


The cloth diapers of today are not like the diapers of previous generations. The are so much more convenient.


Diapering your baby doesn’t have to be expensive! We have several plans that can save you money.

Better For Baby

Cloth diapers do not cause heat against baby’s skin, allow for increased airflow inside, and helps prevent diaper rash.

We Help Forests Grow With Your Help!

When you sign up for our diaper service, we’ll donate $1 to americanforests.org. With that dollar, the non-profit organization will plant 1 tree to a forest in America. By supporting Bundle Baby, you’re also supporting the environment and its wildlife!

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