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Cotton Prefolds - $30.00/Week

100% Certifed Organic Cotton Prefolds

Bundle Baby offers soft, 100% cotton prefolds, including organic cotton and sustainably harvested cotton. We work to build and maintain relationships with our vendors to bring you these diapers as an ethically responsible, budget-friendly option. These beautiful cotton prefolds are available in 5 sizes.

We will automatically start you with half size 1 and half size 2 diapers, which will fit almost all newborn babies. If you need a different size, please leave a note in the notes section above.

All-In-One Diapers - Starting at $38/Week

Bamboo All-In-Ones

A convenient option for the modern, conscious parent.

Our All-in-One diapers come in two sizes, new born and one-size so you can use them from birth to potty learning. AIOs have snaps to adjust the fit, and are available in half and full counts each week.

We will automatically start you with newborn diapers, if you need different size, please leave a note in the notes section above.

STEP 3 - Set-up Package (one-time fee)

100% Cotton Prefolds

100% Cotton Prefolds

Bundled Start-up Package.
This is the package for most parents using cloth diapers. It has everything you need, no more, no less, at a discounted price. The rented pail is specific for cloth diapers to minimize smell and keep the diapers safe until your weekly pick-up. It includes Newborn wrap rental and a package of snappis, for those using prefolds, or a or swim diaper for those with the AIO package. The cloth pail liners, 4 weeks of free wipe rentals wipes, ad small wet bag, wipe solution and cloth diaper friendly balm are included for everyone. All administrative fees, and delivery of your diapers up to 4 weeks in advance of use included.

Simple Start-up Package.
We have many families who have two, or more, kiddos in cloth at the same time! This simple sign-up package includes all administrative set-up costs, your weekly rented waterproof cloth pail liners-3 total in rotation, and an optional snappi. This is also the package to pick if you're coming to Colorado for an extended vacation, and want to use our diaper service while you're here.

STEP 4 - Add-ons

Wrap Rental

RECEIVE 4 for one time fee of $25 NEWBORN Velcro covers (fits babies 5lbs-15lbs) – Maintain and launder at home, return when baby is in size 3 prefold diapers. (Note: the next size up covers are purchased.)


Wipes service start at $5.00 for 50 wipes - Add to your Bundle - $1/10 - A good start is 50 but may go up to 90+

Snappi (3 pack)

The modern day cloth diaper pin! Works great to keep the diaper snug and limits messes on the covers!

Wipe Solution

Bundle Baby’s concentrated wipe solution is perfect to create your own “wet wipes” using only the finest ingredients. Mix 2 caps with 16oz. of water to hydrate wipes for an entire week. Each concentrated bottle makes 27 batches of wipe solution!

Diaper Balm

Bundle Baby’s cloth diaper-safe organic diaper balm is great for families interested in a chemical-free option. Our twist-up design helps keep fingers away from balm and glides on smooth to help protect baby’s sensitive skin. We add melaleuca in our formula to keep bacteria away from our stick.

Directions: Apply to diaper area as often as needed.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil,Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Calendula oil, Arrowroot powder, roman chamomile, lavender, melaleuca

free OS cover, wet-bag or item of similar value may be given at Bundle Baby's Discretion

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