Traditional Diapers Set-up 2021


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If it was good enough for grandma . . . there’s a reason cotton prefold diapers are still used around the world.  Versatile and easy to use, your baby will love our soft cotton, and you’ll love having diapers that are are close to blow-out proof as possible.

  • 4 weeks of traditional diaper service
  • Rental of Traditional 100% Cotton Prefold Diapers
  • Weekly Delivery & Pick-Up
  • Diapers Cleaned & Sanitized
  • Take $5 off your weekly fee for our “In-Store” option.  Drop off at our Colorado Springs location – 3360 N El Paso St,  or Childish Things Location – 3183 Walnut St., Boulder, CO

(Note: Visit the FAQ section and see chart below to learn about the larger diaper sizes and weekly rotation quantity)

Family Discount – Diapering 2 or more children? Save 20% OFF the second subscription for the 2nd child.