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Washing at home is a great way to provide cloth diapers to your little bundle of joy. With this starter set you’ll get to try both prefolds and All-in-one’s so you can find what works best and build your own cloth diaper stash. These diapers will work with babies over 8 lbs, but the smaller babies may have a really fluffy bottom for a while. Premies or babies smaller than 8 lbs will be better served by newborn diapers. Size 3 diapers are wonderful, and many families are able to use them until potty training.  It will allow you to wash every 1-3 days.

3 Bundle Baby Covers
18 size 1, 15 size 2, 12 size 1 – 100% cotton diaper service prefolds
1 snappi
5 Bundle Baby All In One Diapers
1 pack Geffen Baby High Absorbers doublers (3 /pack)
12 wipes
1 Bundle Baby diaper balm
1 Bundle Baby wipe solution
1 Bundle Baby wet bag
1 pail liner
1-on-1 15 minute consultation with a Bundle Baby wash at home expert
Bundle Baby Families Group for support special offers


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