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Bundle Baby will charge the card we have on file every 4 weeks until a cancellation request is received.  Each payment entitles you to the coming month’s service.  The weekly amount will stay the same unless you request a change to your service.


The minimum commitment to use our service is 4 weeks.  Please make sure you are ready to commit to at least 4 weeks of service before agreeing to these Terms & Conditions as there are no refunds or store credit for the initial 4 weeks of service once you have received your diapers.  Please keep in mind that we have factored in time, labor hours, and overall effort to setup your account and this is why the 4 weeks are non-refundable or transferable.  Thank you for your understanding and for your business! {GIFTED/ PRE-PAID SERVICES:  Since there are no refunds once diapers are delivered, we highly recommend communicating with the parents-to-be to make sure this service is something they want and will use}


Before you receive your setup package we must finalize payment and your diapers will be delivered on your specific delivery day.  (Deliveries run Tuesday – Friday)  If you require a special delivery not on your delivery day we reserve the right to charge a special deliver fee which is dependent on your location (~$10+). A change to your service, and/or a vacation may necessitate a “reset” of the diapers in your possession.  Bundle Baby reserves the right to charge for the use of additional diapers beyond the weekly amount specified in your service contract.  We provide a 4 week grace period after you take possession of the diapers where you will not be charged.  If it goes beyond the 4 week grace period without you telling us your first use date we will charge you a fee of $10.00 per week until you tell us your first use date and we get you on the schedule.  Please know you only have enough diapers for 7 days of diapering.  If you wish to hold service for longer than 4 weeks, please call us to retrieve all of the items we provided, and one week of service will be deducted from your initial payment.  We will then place you on an extended hold.  We can reissue your diapers on a later date (this process will amount to a week of service). Please note, if we do not hear from you to start service, we will start deducting pre-paid weeks of service once your grace period has ended.  We will call to retrieve the items and if unsuccessful will charge your card for the retail value of the items in your home.


Please use the account changes page in our website to let us know your first use date and with a newborn setup which diapers you prefer.  It is important to let us know as soon as you start using the diapers, that way we can get you on the delivery schedule right away so you don’t run out of diapers.  With the newborn setup, you will receive 40 “preemie” size and 40 “newborn” size.  These are basically the same shape around, but the preemie size is just a bit thinner than the newborn.  Let us know which diapers you prefer 48 BUSINESS hours before your service day.  If we do not receive 48 BUSINESS hours notice, we may have to wait until the next delivery day.  The amount of diapers you receive is rotation based so you will only get back what you give us in dirty.  You will need to return ALL CLEAN AND DIRTY DIAPERS (minus a handful to keep until the driver gets there) then we will send you either a 1st set of the diapers you prefer or another combo of half and half.  If you choose the combo, you do not need to return ALL CLEANS.  After receiving the 2nd set of your rotation and you have clean diapers at home the day before your delivery day, keep them at home. Only give us dirty diapers. If you need more diapers, please contact us 48 business hours before your scheduled delivery day.  If you require more than the standard order, we will supply you an additional amount of diapers in sets of 10 for a nominal charge.  Additional sets of 10 diapers will be charged weekly, after the first month, depending on the size diaper you are using (starting at $3.25/week). If you require a mid-week drop off, there is an additional fee of $20.


Are you finding that your baby’s current diaper is not fitting as well as it did before?  Or is the diaper fully saturated when you change your baby every 2-3 hours?  It may be time to switch up to the next size diaper entirely or at least get a sample to try out first.  To request a diaper size change, try a sample, or add/or remove wipes, inserts, etc…please go to the Account Changes.  Please note we need at least 48 business hours to fulfill your request.  If the 2-day window is not provided, we will make the changes the following week.


The rate for your service depends on the service you requested:

Organic Service – $30

All-in-Ones – $38 half-time (Up to 25 diapers) & $48 full-time/ week (Up to 50 diapers).

This rate includes UP TO A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF DIAPERS , depending on what size diapers the baby is in.   Organic Service:  NEWBORN/SMALL – UP TO 80, MEDIUM – UP TO 60, LARGE – UP TO 50, EXTRA LARGE UP TO 40 & TRAINING PANTS – UP TO 30.     Bamboo ALL-IN-ONES receive UP TO 25 for $38 PER WEEK, 25-50 $48 PER WEEK.  There are no price reductions or credits if you do not use your full allotment of diapers.  If you find you are using less and substituting with disposable diapers, we are happy to swap out some cloth for disposables– up to half of your base order with generic diapers.  Many of our customers use a day care provider that will not use cloth diapers and this is a great alternative to use cloth at home & paper at daycare.


Here at Bundle Baby, we pride ourselves in the eco-friendly way we clean and sanitize your diapers.  You will always receive diapers that have gone through our 12-16 step cycle with high heat (up to 170*) to kill any bacteria and just enough rinses (our state of the art washer actually weighs the load of dirties to minimize the water used) so that you feel comfortable that what you are putting on your babies bottom is residue and bacteria free.  That being said, there are just some stubborn stains that won’t come out. Our policy is to provide you with stain-free diapers until the baby hits about 5 months old.  At this time, you may see a small percentage of very clean and sanitized diapers come in your delivery that have slight stains on them.  If you do not prefer to have these diapers, just shoot us an email or give us a call and we can upgrade your service to receive NO STAINED DIAPERS.  You have 3 options to choose from in order to receive stain-free diapers:  1) Pay an additional weekly rate of $4, 2) Purchase biodegradable liners  starting at $10, or 3) Rinse each soiled diaper free of any particles, these will be monitored when they are returned and if there diapers returned that are not rinsed we will automatically switch your account to the standard lightly stained service.


There are no credits or refunds for vacations. Bundle Baby Families with a current subscription may opt into (are eligible to receive) disposable diapers for their vacations at the following rates: 7 Kirkland, or brand of Bundle Baby’s choosing, disposables per day of vacation free of charge, 7 Bambo for an additional $2 per day. vacation request form 

Bundle Baby Families with a current wipe subscription may opt to exchange a week of cloth wipes for one package of disposable wipes, brand of Bundle Baby’s choosing, from Bundle Baby. Families without a current wipe subscription may request disposable wipes for $4 per package. 

Holds are not available for your service.  Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated and approved at Bundle Baby’s discretion. Please contact us.


If you forget to leave your diapers out for pick up, we will still leave a clean bag of diapers at your home and you will be charged a $5 fee. The following week we will pick up 2 weeks of soiled diapers AND reset you with a full set  of your rotation.  If the soiled diapers are not left out the 2nd week in a row, the driver will not leave clean diapers, and a $20 charge will be assessed.  The driver will be scheduled to pick up the soiled diapers. You are also welcome to drop the diapers off at our office in Colorado Springs, or at Childish Things in Boulder.


Bundle Baby will deliver to locked multi-unit complexes if one of the following is provided: Key, Scanner, or Code that directly opens the front door without ringing to your apartment to gain access.  If none of the mentioned items are available, the only means of dropping off diapers is the outside gate.  Please see “lost/stolen diapers” for your replacement responsibility if diapers are stolen/lost.


If the diapers are lost/stolen while in your possession, you will be charged half the retail price to replace the diapers.  We will agree to a new secure location to deliver the diapers.  If the diapers are lost/stolen again, we will charge the full retail amount to replace the diapers.  Upon cancellation, if any diapers are not returned you will be charged the full retail price per diaper that is not returned.  Any diapers that are compromised (mold, ripped/damaged, and any stains that are not related to diapering) will be charged as well.  To avoid compromised diapers, do not skip pickups.  If any items are missing or damaged, we will charge the following prices: PAIL-$20, BAGS – $20, DIAPERS/PREFOLDS – preemie $2.25, newborn $2.99, regular $3.25, super absorbency $3.99, toddler $4.25, all-in-ones $15, wipes $0.50 each, inserts $2, covers $12.


If you are gifted a gift certificate, you are entitled to redeem the full amount for service and/or accessories.  If for any reason you cancel service and there is still funds left from the gift certificate, the funds will be transferred as store credit.  Gift certificates or any credit you may have is not transferable or refundable. {GIFTED/ PRE-PAID SERVICES:  Since there are no refunds once diapers are delivered, we highly recommend communicating with the parents-to-be to make sure this service is something they want and will use}


If you wish to cancel service, please notify our office IN WRITING VIA EMAIL at least 2 weeks before you wish to cancel so we can set a plan for your account and charge as appropriate.  You can cancel anytime after the minimum 4 weeks commitment has been met.  We will pick up the following items on the final pick up day: diaper pail, cloth pail liners, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, newborn wrap rentals, etc..We’ll take inventory of what is returned, and provided everything is returned, no further charges will be incurred.  If items are not returned on your final pick up, they must be dropped off at our office within 3 days or pay a $15 fee for us to return the following week to pick up.  Any unreturned inventory will be charged to your card at retail pricing.  If you wish to keep any items, please notify us and we will charge your account. {GIFTED/ PRE-PAID SERVICES:  Since there are no refunds once diapers are delivered, we highly recommend communicating with the parents-to-be to make sure this service is something they want and will use}


There are no cash or credit card refunds.  Store credit will be issued for any monies remaining on your account.  The first 4 weeks of service are non-refundable and non-transferable and can’t be applied to store credit.  If your account is on Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB), we will cancel your subscription and provide you with your cancellation date via email.  If you have purchased a package and cancel  before all the weeks have been used, we will deduct any free items received and apply the remaining balance as store credit. {GIFTED/ PRE-PAID SERVICES:  Since there are no refunds once diapers are delivered, we highly recommend communicating with the parents-to-be to make sure this service is something they want and will use}


We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from Bundle Baby Diaper Service, you provide your name, email address, credit card information, address, phone number and a password. We use this information to process your order(s), to keep you updated on your purchases and to personalize your shopping experience.  Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption techniques and firewall technology.

To keep you informed about our latest offers, we may notify you of current promotions, specials and new additions to this store. You may unsubscribe from our newsletters by following the unsubscribe instructions in any email you receive from us.

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