About Bundle Baby


Our commitment is to provide you with warm & caring support through all of the changes that come with nurturing a family. We are here to help you navigate parenting in the modern world, keeping it simple & focused on love.

Our carefully curated selection of items will become part of your everyday life. They have been lovingly and intentionally selected to support a thriving local economy and living in harmony with the natural world, so that you can feel good about your purchases. From new mama & baby basics, to cloth diapers & carriers, the items in our shop are made by companies and people that value the earth, their employees, and their communities.

Our shop is open Monday-Friday from 10:00am – 2:00pm (BY APPOINTMENT). Give us a quick call or shoot us an email, come in for support, a grand tour of cloth diapering, or to shop our sweet collection of unique baby & mama items. We are happy you have found us and we look forward to cultivating a relationship with you and your family along this journey!



To provide the community with an easy to use, environmentally-friendly, affordable home delivery diapering service as an alternative to disposable diapers.
To educate ourselves and the community on environmental issues that effect our world.


Kelly Epstein, R.D., Psychology & Nutrition

Once upon a time there was a mom raising three boys, with no diaper service in sight! Kelly felt the need to make a difference in the environment and her own community, and despite the fact (or maybe because) she was a stay-at-home mom to a set of twins and their big brother, Kelly stepped in to fill the diaper service void.

Watching the diapers pile up with three children in diapers was just too much. Kelly began cloth diapering her own babies, but wanted to do more to help other families limit their environmental impact. Many families wanted to use cloth diapers for their environmental and health benefits, but didn’t have the time, or knowledge to wash their own diapers. Enter Bundle Baby (and formerly Bundle Baby) with weekly delivery of fresh diapers to your doorstep, more families could help make a difference.

With a background in fitness, nutrition, lactation consultation and her own personal experience, Kelly envisioned a place where families could come to learn more about diapers, eco-friendly products and just share the crazy journey that is parenthood. Exactly how that looks has changed over the years, facebook groups, social media sharing, much cuter diaper cover prints . . . but through it all Kelly’s down to earth approach to parenthood and business have helped hundreds of families use cloth diapers and saved hundreds of thousands of diapers from going to the landfill.

Kelly’s children are all well out of diapers now, but she’s still helping families navigate the dirty world of diapers and parenting.