Diaper Service FAQs

Diaper Service FAQs

Congratulations! You have just made THE BEST decision in diapering for your baby (and for our planet)! You can take comfort in knowing that cloth diapering is the best choice for your baby in terms of health and comfort. Most importantly, your decision to not use disposables conserves our natural resources and positively impacts the environment tremendously!

How does it work?

  1. Unload your clean diapers and use the bag to line your diaper pail.
  2. Take the cotton insert, folded lengthwise and insert into diaper cover. Use the SNAPPI FASTENER to make the diaper less bulky and to help contain the poop.
  3. Wrestle diaper onto your wee one.
  4. Soiled diapers can get tossed right into your diaper pail until baby starts eating solids.
  5. Solid poop can be disposed of into toilet (with diaper sprayer) or removed with flushable liners.
  6. Diaper covers can be reused until they are in need of washing (this can be done with your regular laundry, but use a cloth friendly detergent).
  7. Put dirty diapers out on front porch the night before your delivery/pick-up day.  (If you have little critters in your neighborhood that like to get into trash,  you may want to use a small bin/container to keep diapers safe for the drivers to pick up)
  8. Change order as needed through our Diaper Service Website.
    • Vacation hold
    • Add or remove products
    • Change diaper size as your wee one grows

How are the diapers washed?

We could talk your ear off about this. In terms of your baby, know that our diapers are professionally laundered to the highest standards of health and sanitation.

The diapers undergo a 12-stage process designed to thoroughly wash and sanitize the diapers, then leave the diapers at skin pH (~5.5) and chlorine-free. Our process includes heat as high as 160 degrees to also help with sanitizing.  We use no perfumes, dyes, or softeners.  We check our loads daily to ensure each is at the proper pH. (A common home-washing problem is alkalinity, or a pH that is too high, which can lead to diaper rash.)  Our process does not have this issue.

Our machines are chosen for their green engineering, one of the benefits of this is the amount of water used for each load.  Once the washer is loaded, the machine measures the weight of the product and delivers the right amount of water needed to clean effectively and efficiently.



What am I getting with bundle baby diaper service?

With bundle baby, you are not just getting cloth diapers. You are purchasing a service.  We work tirelessly to handle any diaper emergencies that may arise. And they DO arise! In addition to the rental of our cloth diapers, you are also receiving weekly pick-up, cleaning, and delivery of your diapers and any other diapering & home supplies that you may need right to your door.  Need diaper products, baby balm, wipe solution, extra covers?  Head over to the shop link and recieve 10% off all diapering products.

How many diapers do I get with my Diaper Service? Why am I not getting the same amount of diapers every week?

Start with the standard amount of diapers.  For 2 weeks in a row you will get that amount, then the 3rd week you will receive what you returned in dirties from the week before.  Only return dirties unless we are resetting you with a new size or you are going on vacation.


100% Certified Organic Diaper Service – $26.95

  • “Newborn” white stitch diapers (5lbs-11lbs) – UP TO 80 diapers –  need more? only $1.10 for each additional 10
  • “Small” yellow stitch diapers (7lbs-15lbs)  – UP TO 80 diapers – need more? only $1.70 for each additional 10
  • “Medium” purple stitch diapers (12lbs-20lbs) – UP TO 60 diapers – need more? only $1.95 for each additional 10
  • “Large” orange stitch diapers (18lbs-30lbs) – UP TO 50 diapers – need more? only $2.05 for each additional 10
  • “Extra Large” green stitch diapers (22lbs-35lbs+) – UP TO 40 diapers – need more? only $2.15 for each additional 10
  • Training Underwear (Gerber) – UP TO 30 TP – need more? only $2.15 for an additional 10


100% Cotton Traditional Diaper Service – $23.95 / week

  • “Preemie” white stitch diapers (5lbs-11lbs) -Up to 80 diapers per week – need more? only $1.10 for 10 additional per week
  • “Newborn” colored stitch diapers (7lbs-15lbs)- Up to 80 diapers per week – need more? only $1.35 for 10 additional per week
  • “Regular” white/yellow stitch diapers (12lbs-20lbs) – Up to 60 diapers per week – need more? only $1.50 for 10 additional per week
  • “Super” absorbency blue stitch diapers (18lbs-30lbs) –  Up to 50 diapers per week – need more? only $1.75 for 10 additional per week
  • “Toddler” green stitch diapers (22lbs-35lbs+) –  Up to 40 diapers per week – need more? only $2.05 for 10 additional per week
  • “Training pants” – up to 30 per week – need more? only $2.50 for 10 additional per week

**PLEASE NOTE: There are no price reductions when using less than the standard amount.  We do offer disposable diapers that we can substitute out for no additional fee, depending on your brand choice.

How many wraps/covers do you suggest we buy?

You should have at least 4 covers on hand (starting at $10+ ea). The more you have on hand the more convenient it is. If you are looking at trying out cloth diapers, then our wrap rental option is perfect! For just a one-time fee of $25, you receive a variety of velcro Rumparooz covers (these fit babies from preemie to about 15lbs)  Once the baby outgrows the rentals, you purchase your own, you can buy through us (we love that, keep it local) shop here for covers.…or where ever works best for you.  Covers are super cute and trendy, your choice of velcro or snaps –  these fit babies from about 8lbs-35lbs…they all work great to keep your lil cutie from getting clothes and bedding wet!

Do you have different size cloth diapers?

Yes! As your baby grows, so do the diapers.  The different sizes and approximate weight range are as follows:

100% Traditional Cotton Prefolds Sizing

  1. Preemie (white stitch)- 3lbs-10lbs
  2. Newborn (green/blue stitch) – 7lbs-14lbs
  3. Regular (white/yellow stitch)- 11lbs-22lbs
  4. Super (blue stitch)- 16lbs-25lbs
  5. Toddler (green stitch) – 23lbs – 35lbs
  6. Training Pants – 18mo, 2T & 3T

100% Organic Prefolds Sizing

  1. Preemie/newborn (white stitch)- 3lbs-10lbs
  2. Small (yellow stitch) – 7lbs-14lbs
  3. Medium (purple stitch)- 11lbs-22lbs
  4. Super (orange stitch)- 16lbs-25lbs
  5. Toddler (green stitch) – 23lbs – 35lbs
  6. Training Pants – 18mo, 2T & 3T

If you are experiencing more leaking or blowouts, or you just can’t seem to fit the diaper around your baby’s belly anymore, then it is time to bump up. There are 5 different sizes your baby can use, from preemie diapers to cloth training underwear.  You will receive samples of these sizes in your setup package at the first delivery.

What do I get with my "set-up" package?

Your pre-birth set up is delivered approximately 2 weeks before your due date.  You have several setup options that you can choose from.  Click here to review the setup packages. All setup packages include a Snappy Fastenera reusable pail liner, samples of the larger size diapers, sample wipes if you did not already order them, and a Bambo Nature “biodegracable” disposable diaper.  We do offer disposables as a part of your service if needed.  See below question.

Don't you offer a Deodorant Disc with your service?

As of 7/31/18, we will no longer be offering deodorant discs.  We are looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to replace them.  Keep your eyes out!

When are my diapers delivered and picked up?

Your service day is dictated by your home address and occurs on the same day weekly. We will email you the delivery day and set up date when you sign up for service.  Unfortunately, your diapers may not be delivered the same time every week.  We have a program that optimizes the routes to make them the most efficient. So your delivery time just depends on changes with new customers being added and others potty training moving on to bigger and brighter things.

Do you offer disposables with your service?

Definitely! This company recognizes that it is not about all or nothing but just doing what we can. We offer 3 types of disposable diapers with 3 different prices. 1) You can swap up to half of your cloth diapers for disposables with no extra fee using the no-name brand disposables. Every 10 after that is $1.60*/week. 2) If you prefer Huggies, you can swap out up to 15 with no extra fee and every 10 after that $3.75*/week. 3) If you prefer the more natural diaper, we offer Bambo biodegradable disposables.  You can swap out 10 with no extra fee and for every 10 after that it is $4.75*.

*price as indicated for sizes 1-3, (swap out 8 for sizes 4 and 5)

Can I see the diapers before I sign up?

Yes, view our EVENTS page to RSVP for one of our monthly diaper classes.  You are welcome to visit our showroom in Colorado Springs any time with an appointment. There, you can see all of the many products that we offer and you can see and feel the quality. Please call us for a time and directions. 303-776-3955 or 719-488-1185.

When do I get my first set of diapers?

We will bring you your first package of diapers two weeks before your due date. When your new baby arrives just contact us (email is preferred) and we will start regular service at that time. You are not charged for the weeks that you are not using the diapers, as you wait for baby to arrive.

If your baby is already here, we will bring you your first package of diapers the next time we are in your neighborhood, within one week.

Once you get signed up, we’ll contact you to answer any questions, and get you scheduled on the appropriate route.

When do I put my diapers out?

Please have your diapers out the night before your actual delivery day. We will deliver between 3 am – 4 pm. If you forget to put out your diapers, that is OK, we understand how life happens.  We do need to make sure to get them the following week for sure.  If we miss you the 2nd week there will be a missed pick up fee ($20) and we will schedule a time to pick up that same day or within 48 hours.  If you can return the diapers to our shop in Colorado Springs or Childish Things (3183 Walnut St) in Boulder within 48 hours there will be no fee.

How does the billing work?

We ask that you prepay for your first month of diaper service which is non-refundable. After that, we the credit card we have on file the 1st of every month. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express… as well as cash or check. Payment can be mailed to 3360 N El Paso St Unit i, Colorado Springs, CO, 80907. You are welcome to schedule vacation holds, just call us or log into your account by 9am, 48 hours before your normal delivery. Of course, you receive a small credit for those weeks that you have not used diapers, as long as you have returned ALL dirty and clean before you leave (minus a days worth or so for when you return). If you get your diapers before you have your baby, you are not charged for those long weeks that you spend waiting for baby, just email us when you are ready to start service.

When do I get my bill?

Your first payment is due 3 business days before delivery of your set-up. The first payment includes, your set-up, your first month of service, and the optional newborn wrap rentals. After the first month, you will receive a charge on the card we have on file EVERY 4 WEEKS for your monthly subscription service(s).   Service continues automatically each month (even after any gift registry or pre-paid dates have ended) until we receive a 2 week cancellation notice.

A $40 service charge is assessed for any pre-payment refunds greater than 12 weeks. To avoid unnecessary credit card processing fees, kindly provide at least 2 weeks notice for cancellations.

What if I have twins or multiple children in diapers?

Families diapering 2 children or will receive almost half off the 2nd child.  Call or email us so we can discuss.

I am going on vacation. What do I do with my diapers and can I get credit?

Take our diapers with you! If you are gone during the week of your service, just take them with and bring them back to get laundered on your delivery day.  Some take their bin with them and others don’t, but if this interests you just let us know.

There is no credit given for vacation.  But fear not, we actually supply you with the disposables so you do not have to worry about it!  Just let us know how many days you are gone and we will supply you with that amount in the generic disposable diapers.  Every vacation is different, from 3 days to a week and a half, so please give us ample notice so we can make sure you are all situated.

When holding on to / keeping diapers at your house, there will be a small rental fee of $5, even if we are not coming to your house.   Full credit is only given when we are not going to your house AND you do not have diapers there as well.

If I run out of diapers, will you make a special delivery if it is not delivery day?

In the unusual event that you run out of diapers one week, perhaps baby had a stomach bug and used a large amount of diapers, we can deliver extras to you for a delivery fee of $15. If you seem to need more diapers in your rotation on a regular basis, we can add diapers in multiples of 10’s starting at $1.10 per week per 10 for newborn size.

I have 20 or more extra diapers at the end of the week?

 If you consistently have leftover diapers just email us to change your order to receive a smaller number of diapers.  The price remains the same no matter how many diapers you receive. We offer disposable diapers as well, click here to make changes to your order.

 If you do have a little stockpile, please return them so we can add them to our rotation for other families to enjoy.

Do you have to pick up weekly? Or can you pick up every other week?

We need to pick the diapers up weekly because if they sit longer than a week when dirty, they will get moldy and those stains do not come out. If you have a special situation, please call us so we can work something out.

Do I need to rinse the soiled diapers?

Absolutely not! Our commercial, 12-step washing process, combined with 170 degree heat and enzymes, will break down solid waste and flush it out until there is nothing left but 100% cotton, completely free of waste and detergent. The diapers are tested on a regular basis to maintain their neutral ph balance.  However, once the baby turns 5 or so months, however, we will automatically start sending you sanitized but slightly stained diapers.  If you prefer non-stained diapers we ask that you do one of these 3 things and let us know:)

  1. Rinse & flush solids and receive stain-free diapers (no additional fee)
  2. Use flushable liners ($8.50/100) over the diaper to catch solids and receive stain-free diapers
  3. Do nothing and receive stain-free diapers (additional fee of $4.50/week)

My wraps are getting soiled every time. How do I save the wraps?

Use the Snappi fastener! The Snappi is the mondern day pin and provides a way to fold the diaper, the old fashioned way, around the baby’s legs to help prevent poop from getting on the wrap. Most parents with this problem are completely satisfied after trying the Snappi!!

I need to change or add products to my order, how much notice do I need to give you?

EMAIL US at least 2 business days in advance before your delivery day if you need to change your order for the week.

My baby is soaking through his diaper, what should I do?

There are two reasons that may cause this to happen: The first is your baby may have outgrown the current diapers you are using. Shoot us an email your request to change your order and we can bump you up to the next size diaper. The second reason is your baby is a heavy wetter. The most cost effective way is to simply use two prefolds. It is bulky but the babies don’t care, they are sleeping.

We also offer doublers, (weekly rate 10 for $1.10) which are smaller diapers you place inside the diaper to help soak up the wetness.  Micro-Fiber inserts are another option, choose size small or large.  At night, a wool wrap over your cover is another option.

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water. Wool absolutely keeps baby’s bed dry all through the night. You only need one wool wrap since they naturally clean themselves and only need to be washed every two weeks for lanolizing.

My diapers are leaking. Help!!

Double check that all of the cloth is fitting inside the cover so that the moisture is not wicking onto the clothing. Likewise, make sure that the prefold is folded wide enough to cover the cover, so that the cover is not getting messy.

If there is leaking out the side of the cover you may need a larger or smaller cover. You could also try using a Snappi. This will help secure the prefold in place.

If the diaper and cover are saturated, try changing your baby more frequently or call to switch to a larger prefold. You can also use 2 prefolds at once to create more absorbency.  We also offer microfiber inserts that reduce the amount of bulk in the diaper.

I am having a baby shower, do you have a gift registry?

Yes! Please browse our online store and you can easily set up your registry directly from our home page on the website. Typically, moms ask for unlimited service, the set-up package preference, the wrap rentals and a pack of Snappi Fasteners. Creating a registry automatically signs you up for service with a scheduled set up date 2 weeks before due date.

What happens if it snows?

In the event of inclement weather, please check our FACEBOOK PAGE for delays in your service. In addition, we will email you if service will be delayed. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to keep 1-2 day’s worth of cloth or disposables on hand.

How do I cancel my diaper service?

After the first month of service which is non-refundable and non-transferrable,  we require a two-week notice for the cancellation of service for billing purposes. Kindly notify us so that we can avoid unnecessary credit card processing charges.

When I cancel, what if there are missing diapers?

In the event that there are unreturned diapers when diaper sizes are changed out or service is discontinued, there will be a fee of $2.00 per diaper/training pants. The replacement value of $2.00 will be applied for each lost doubler as well.