Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Environmental Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Save Waste

By using cloth diapers, you are making a conscious choice to save our landfills from unnecessary waste.

Safe Laundering

We take pride in researching options that make our laundering process the least impactful on our environment. We launder with biodegradable soap, package our diapers in reusable cloth bags, and deliver our diapers in energy-efficient routes.

Where it Belongs

Cloth diapers release solid waste where it belongs – into the sewage system where it is treated with other household waste water. In addition, cloth diapering products can be used until their diapering life is over then made into rags, and will eventually decompose and return to the earth.

Economic Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Less Water & Soap

Our diaper services use less water and soap than laundering at home. We wash and dry the diapers in large quantities which leads to less waste. This allows us to price our service at an affordable cost.

Great Deals

Expecting Twins? You save even more because we only charge you 1/2 price for baby #2.

Flat Fee

When you use our diaper service, we are charging a weekly fee instead of a per diaper charge. Need more? No worries. We’ll add them to your service at little to no cost.

Early Learning

Baby’s in cloth diapers potty learn almost 1 year before baby’s who use paper. This saves families money over time.

Convenience of Cloth Diapers

Easy to Use

Modern cloth diapers are so easy to use. They’re just as easy to use as disposable diapers but with tons more benefits.

Easy to Change

Diapers sit directly on top of the cover making it easy to change. When your baby is wet, simply remove the diaper, toss in the diaper pail, and place an new diaper inside. It’s that easy!

Done For You

With our diaper cleaning service, we do all the work for you! No need to rinse or dunk the diapers. We take care of everything!

Reliable Delivery

We pick up, launder, and return clean, sanitized diapers to your doorstep every week! It’s that simple! No late night trips to the store for diapers. No need to wash your cloth diapers at home.

Cloth Diapers are Better for Baby

Less Diaper Rash

The cotton used in cloth diapers allows for increased airflow inside the diaper which helps prevent diaper rash and keeps your baby cooler.

Less Chemicals

Using cloth diapers minimizes chemicals against your baby’s skin. There are no dyes, perfumes, or chemicals in cloth diapers

Soft & Natural

Since cloth diapers are made from all natural materials, only soft cotton sits against your baby’s delicate skin reducing the chances of diaper rash


Cloth is so comfortable against your baby! No plastic means your baby will feel extra comfortable.