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Congratulations! You’ve decided to use cloth diapers – now you just need to be set-up for success.  Our Premium set up package has everything you need to love using cloth diapers, no more, no less.

First, you need somewhere to put those diapers.  Our diaper pail and correctly sized cloth liner bags not only contain an entire week’s worth of cloth diapers and wipes, they lift out easily and close with a snap tie or drawstring for sanitary pick-up. The diaper pail allows for a bit of air flow, which actually keeps smells to a minimum.  The easy to lift up lid is a life saver when your hands are full of poopy diaper.

When you’re out and about, you’ll need a small wet bag to keep the dirty diapers contained until you get home.  Our cloth wet-bag has two pockets with zippers so you can keep clean diapers in one pocket, and dirties in the other.  The convenient snap handle can be hung on a hook, snapped around a stroller handle or wrapped around the bag for storage.

Our organic diaper balm is cloth friendly, made with ingredients you can not only say, you could even eat (not that we recommend it), and with its stick-packaging, application is easy without getting white goop all over your hands.  You have enough to hold onto, no need to leave fingerprints.

Cloth wipes.  They. are. amazing. Made from soft cotton, our wipes are big enough to wipe up a mess, strong enough to hold together even if you have to wipe down your changing pad, and as soft as well . . . you know. Add in a bit of our cloth wipe solution concentrate and you’ll have clean bums, hands and faces without creating any extra trash. Try these for 4 weeks, and if you love them, we’ll add them to your subscription.

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