Welcome back to the second post in our cloth diaper washing series! Today we will be going over how to wash your PUL Diaper Covers (PUL = Polyurethane Laminate)–the modern cloth diaper version of plastic pants.

The Rumparooz, Sweet Pea, Thirsties, and Smart Bottoms diaper covers you’ll find at Bundle are all PUL diaper covers. Using our Organic Cotton Prefold Diaper Service? You’ll need to purchase 6-8 of these waterproof diaper covers to use over the absorbent prefolds we provide. Most, if not all, of the mess should be caught by the prefold. (Try out the different folds and snappis to see what works best for you!)

When it’s time to wash your PUL covers, just follow these guidelines to ensure that they don’t delaminate or lose the stretch in the elastic leg casings:

Water Temperature

Warm water is the ideal range for washing your PUL covers to avoid delamination of the PUL. Water that is too hot can also cause the elastic in the leg casing to become ‘shot’ , this is when the elastic becomes brittle and breaks.

Hand Washing

Hand Washing is perfect between wash cycles! Use a mild soap and rinse your cover out. Charlie’s Soap is our favorite!


With PUL covers it is recommended that you hang them to dry (or lay them to dry). If you notice that your covers are starting to leak, throw them in the dryer on low heat for 15 minutes to allow the PUL to reseal.

As you can see, caring for your PUL covers is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!