Wool covers are fabulous addition to any cloth diaper stash! They are warm when it’s cold out, cool when it’s warm out, breathable and antimicrobial but if you have ever destroyed a favorite wool sweater you know that wool can be finicky to care for.


It is highly recommended that you hand wash your wool with a specialized Wool Wash for cloth diapers. If you don’t have wool wash, use a mild baby shampoo or baby wash (a pea sized amount is enough). Soak your wool cover in a bath of luke warm water and the wash for 15 to 20 minutes. After soaking gentle agitate the water to remove dirt and debris from the cover. At this point you’re ready to rinse until the water runs clear.


DO NOT PUT YOUR COVER IN THE DRYER OR HANG IT TO DRY! These two actions will cause shrinking and stretching (respectively). To dry your wool cover lay it out on a towel and roll the towel and the wool cover together. The towel will absorb a lot of the moisture. Then lay your cover out until it dries.


When you start to notice that your wool cover feels moist or is wicking to your babies pants it may be time to lanolize your wool cover. To lanolize you need:

Put a pea sized amount of lanolin in a cup of boiling hot water

Stir the water and lanolin until the lanolin dissolves

Let the water cool

Pour the lanolin + water combo over your wool cover

Let your cover dry

Wool covers can seem quite intimidating at first but the reality is that it is a fabulous addition to any diaper stash! Wool diaper covers are easy to clean and amazing for babies with sensitive skin!