Do you ever feel like you are the ONLY person with a question about cloth diapering or natural parenting? Well, you aren’t! The journey through parenthood is one that is frequently bumpy, and we are here to help you navigate these bumpy times.
You’re here either because you currently cloth diaper or you would like to in the future, and we think that is amazing. We have cloth diapered our babes, taught hundred, if not thousands of new and expecting parents how to cloth diaper and we are excited to help you cloth diaper your little bundle. If you have any questions at any time, that are not answered here, on our website or otherwise, please, call, email or come into the store so that we can answer them for you!
As we mentioned above, parenting is a journey, one that comes with no map and no known navigation system (dang). Some of us have been on this road for a while and some of us are brand new to the road but together we can build a community, expound upon the natural family and cloth diapering lifestyle and help each other and our bundles have a happier, healthier life on a greener Earth.
So, WELCOME! Thank you for reading, learning, commenting and journey-ing with us, we appreciate you.
We will be posting new blogs once a week. Each post will be informative, answering your questions and addressing your concerns, please, check back frequently.